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This soap is going to make your shower feel like a fresh spring day, despite the days becoming shorter as Autumn moves forward. Bright colors and the scent of lavender, pineapple blossom, and birch will have you longing for Spring. 


Each bar has an average weight of 5.4oz.


About the Orange-breasted Green-Pigeon:

  • Lives in southeast Asia and parts of India, this species of Green Pigeon travels in smaller flocks, eating small fruits.
  • During the breeding season, males engage in combat with each other, pecking and slapping with their wings.
  • A species of Least Concern, however, there are trends of decline being observed. 


Ingredients: Saponified oils of olive, tallow, coconut, castor, cocoa butter, and shea butter; water; sodium hydroxide; sodium lactate; mica; fragrance. 

Orange-breasted Green-Pigeon Soap

  • Your soap will last longer if it is stored out of standing water and on a draining soap dish, such as slatted wood or bamboo. Find soap dishes on our products page!

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