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If you've ever had the opportunity to spend time with a Sharp-shinned Hawk, you'll appreciate how accurate the post-apocalyptic hellscape design is on this soap. The delightful scent of Valencia orange with a hint of chili pepper will brighten your morning shower. 


Each bar has an average weight of 5.1oz


About the Sharp-shinned Hawk:

  • A small, woodland raptor with quick flight, that ambushes its prey with surprise and speed.
  • Preys mostly on small birds, but occasionally on small reptiles and amphibians, mammals, and larger insects.
  • Found throughout, Canada, the United States, and south through Panama. 


Ingredients: Saponified oils of olive, tallow, coconut, cocoa butter, shea butter, and castor; water; sodium hydroxide; sodium lactate; mica; fragrance

Sharp-shinned Hawk Soap

  • Your soap will last longer if it is stored out of standing water and on a draining soap dish, such as slatted wood or bamboo. Find soap dishes on our products page!

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